Last Thoughts Before the NBA Draft 2010 (Warriors Fail Again?)

(Edit, June 22: Marcus Thompson, beat writer for the Warriors in the Bay Area, says all the same things I do:

We’re a few days away from the draft and much of what I said last month hasn’t changed.


Here are some notes on what I think will go down:

  • By the way, that’s the Warriors new logo on the left. Not bad right? I still prefer the original “City” logo though.
  • #1 Wizards will get John Wall. Wizards have now screwed (not directly) Warriors twice, first taking Gilbert Arenas, then taking John Wall.
  • #2 76’ers should take Evan Turner, but rumors since new coach Doug Collins likes Derrick Favors more. Plus consider in the Dalembert trade to the Kings, and well, 76’ers should at least explore a trade to get maximum value if they won’t get Turner. Say….a trade with the Warriors.
  • #3 Nets will pickup Turner or Favors. Simple.
  • #4 Here’s where I have seen a lot of different things. Some say the Timberwolves would pickup DeMarcus Cousins, which means they would have to trade Kevin Love or Al Jefferson. I don’t buy this. As DraftExpress says, they compare Cousins to a taller Al Jefferson, and to have two really good low post players? There have been other reports they are taking Wesley Johnson, period. Let’s go with that, it makes much more sense.
  • #5 Some say the Kinds would go for Greg Monroe instead of Cousins. Who knows.

#6 Warriors – here we are. If Cousins drops, take him. I say this even though I think there’s a 75% chance Cousins becomes a NBA journeyman bust. 15% chance he becomes a solid starter, like Andris Biedrins, never fulfills his potential, but does good things. 10% chance he becomes an All Star. But for the Warriors, they have to take him. He has the most talent, by far, of anyone left. Who else should they get? Monroe? Where would he play? If the Warriors don’t make any trades, he’s going to find time behind Randolph, Biedrins, Wright, and Turiaf? Tough. As for Al-Farouq Aminu, he’s another young, athletic, talented underweight power forward type with a long wingspan- that’s exactly what Randolph and Wright are. To me, that’s just too much. Make some trades, break things up, try to move up, bring someone in that you will at least play and give 20 minutes a game to. Otherwise it’s just flashes of young undeveloped, risky, talent, something the Warriors are every year. If Larry Riley thinks he may not be around after the ownership change, he might as well take risks. Not doing idiotic things, but show some risk, make things happen, show that you can do something. Some of what he can do will be restricted in terms of trading contracts, sure, but doing nothing for a lousy team definitely means “What, I can’t do better than you? You did nothing.” to a new owner.

(Edit: June 22. I saw a note that Cousins could care less about joining the Warriors. Well, neither did Curry. I think that worked out for us)

Whom I’d really like to see as a Warrior is Cal Point Guard Jerome Randle, last year’s Pac-10 Player of the Year. Yes, he’s small, but he’s not Mugsy-size either, and he can do everything in terms of the skill set really well, pass, shoot, shoot with deep range, run a team. He’s extremely quick and he did great at the Portsmouth Invitational. Draft Express has him ranked as the 2nd best PG in this draft, even though he’s projected to go really late in the second round or not at all.

He can be a Warrior. The Warriors need a good true backup PG, and no reason why Randle can’t be him.

A couple of videos:

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  1. Emil Soleyman June 25, 2010 at 11:53 pm #

    The Warriors picked Udoh. The next task up is to have Chris Cohan sell the team to Larry Ellison and hopefully he can interject some passion and money into a lackluster, bottom of the conference team.

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