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Thanks for coming to the site! My name is Michael Nguyen, I’m Vietnamese-American and originally from the San Francisco Bay Area (that’s in California, USA). I graduated from UC Berkeley (go Cal Bears!).

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I Spit Hot Fire is just supposed to be somewhere where I can reflect and voice opinions about anything I think – like any other blog.

Me: (mimicking Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal in Tokyo in Fall 2012)

The phrase(?) “baller, emcee….” came from my friend Kyle. The name of the site, I Spit Hot Fire, comes from Dave Chapelle, and more specifically from the MTV Making the Band skit on his show from Season 1.

I like to think “I Spit Hot Fire” reflects me (ego!), or at least on this site, I hope to reflect it.

Ok, that’s all, enjoy!

But if you need to contact me: