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Please Don’t Show My Passport Information Publicly! [Vietnam Marketing Tactics]

Studying abroad is a big business in Vietnam – plenty of affluent Vietnamese parents want the best for their children, and they’re willing to pay for it as well.

Along with that however, there isn’t much awareness about information privacy and identity protection. Marketing firms constantly run online activities in which they ask users to publicly comment with their street address, government-issued ID number, and phone number.

In general, Vietnamese people don’t quite understand the negative risks of identity theft, nor do marketers respect their user base and try to avoid putting their audience in a bad position.

New Ocean Group (Du Hoc New Zealand) is a particularly bad example of this. They help students study abroad, and they advertise their success cases on their website.

The problem is that they scanned the passports of their students and shared them publicly. To see what I mean, see:

You can see the person’s full name, ID number, and even passport number. You have enough information to make your own ID based off of it. Worst of all, it’s not just the one person. There’s an image gallery of other “proof” that the company does its job well, including images of the student visas. No information is blocked out to protect the students or family clients.

If you know this type of information, there’s potential from other types of crimes as well. After all, if a student is studying abroad, you can imagine that his family has some money.

I emailed this company one week ago to let them know about this issue, but they did not reply or remove the information – [email protected]. I hope that this article helps them understand the problem, but I expect to be ignored.

My hope is that the students who are going abroad learn that this is a significant problem and ask the company to remove their images.


Mimo Television Commercials has been getting a lot of press and exposure recently – I have a close relationship with their team, so it’s pretty exciting for me to see as well.

Here’s a few of the television commercials that have been running for them: (oh, and this is me on Mimo)

Mimo TVC Starring Ho Ngoc Ha, Vietnam’s top star:

YANTV (the MTV of Vietnam, even though MTV is IN Vietnam) Mimo Commericial:

Another commercial featuring YANTV stars such as VJs Tam Tit and Thien Trang:


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