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Asia IT Managers Among the Lowest Paid

Link: Asia IT Managers Among the Lowest Paid


A) In contrast, seven Asian countries are among the 10 lowest-paying countries: Vietnam, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Beijing and Shanghai–the latter two Chinese cities were treated as separate markets.

True that for Vietnam

B) The survey found that IT managers in Vietnam and the Philippines receive the lowest average annual salaries in the region, at US$15,470 and US$22,280, respectively.

I am an IT manager (an ex-pat at that!), but I don’t make $15K USD a year yet.

C) According to Mercer’s report, cash remains a large incentive for staff in Asia, as reflected by countries such as Indonesia, India and Vietnam having the “highest pay progression ratios”. Pay increases are most significant between positions of seniority in the organizations.

Not sure of how true this is within my company, sure I make more than my staff, but if I compare percentages with the US, I don’t think it’s that much better, or better at all, where better means more significant “between positions of seniority in the organizations”.

Two other things to consider: I work for a start-up (business has little money, but potential for equity) in Hanoi (lower wages compared to Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City).